Guy from the Bachelorette.Girl from The Bachelor. You know what happens next.


As recently as three weeks ago, erstwhile The Bachelorette contestant Dave Billsborrow, 30, was still a lovelorn singleton, looking for someone to accept his roses.

Now, in a coupling you’d actually think would have occurred among more former contestants, he’s dating former The Bachelor contestant Sarah-Mae Amey, 25.

It’s a perfect match, no? They should just organise a mixer for former contestants on the show and match ’em up.

The new couple announced their love with an Instagram snap, natch.

Three weeks ago, Billsborrow posted a picture of a toilet adorned with red roses to Instagram with the caption: “Who ever put the roses on my car last week has opened up a can of worms at work. The guys at work have been messing with me every day since. I’m still looking for love but not from a fat electrician.”

Amey may be the antithesis of a fat plumber, being a slender florist, so he’s done well there.

Their relationship is so new they can still laugh at this depressing Christmas tree. Image via Instagram.

It’s a bit incestuous, though, really.

Sarah-Mae Amey also happens to be the best friend and flatmate of Sam Frost, the woman whose heart Billsborrow was so desperately trying to win on The Bachelorette.

Amey starred in the first series of The Bachelor with Tim Robards but was not successful in her bid for love, either.

Sarah-Mae circa The Bachelor 2013.

In her bio for the show, she said the reason she hadn’t yet found “the one” was: “Because I won’t settle for second best. I watched my Mum do that and I refuse to. I want to find ‘the one’ who is an amazing man and I will share my life with.”

It could also have been that she was only 22 at the time. I couldn’t say for sure.

Good luck to the new lovers. We’re sure they have a lot to talk about.