The Bachelorette isn't the first dating show Sophie Monk has been on.

If last week’s Bachelor finale wasn’t enough evidence love is well and truly dead, turns out Sophie Monk has been on a dating show before.

It was called The Choice. Which, yes, sounds an awful lot like The Voice because that was pretty much the entire premise of the show.

Back in the year 2012, a then 32-year-old Sophie featured alongside other famous faces such as Rob Kardashian, Carmen Electra, Joe Jonas and Jersey Shore’s Pauly D to find love at ‘first voice’.

Much like the blind audition rounds of The Voice, the show started with a round of ‘blind auditions’ where the celebrity ‘judges’ sat with their backs turned to a pool of “sexy singles” hoping to score a “date with fame”, according to the show’s Wikipedia page.

Check out all the pics in the gallery below…


When Sophie heard something she fancied, she could pull a novelty leaver to spin her chair around (minus the dangerous standing and kicking antics of The Voice Australia) to see him with her own eyes.

Again, exactly like The Voice, the suitors were given the option of whose ‘team’ they would like to be on, which was followed with speed dating and a final date.

For your viewing pleasure, you can watch Sophie’s full episode of The Choice below…

While Sophie unfortunately didn’t find love on the show (hence the reason we’ll be unavailable on Wednesday and Thursday nights for the next several weeks…), here’s hoping she has better luck this year as The Bachelorette.

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