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Wait -- did Sam Frost just say she needs a man to be happy?

It’s true that Sam Frost has, in many ways, been defined by her love-life. After all, if it weren’t for her unlucky stint on The Bachelor, we probably wouldn’t know her name.

Frost was engaged to Blake Garvey but then dumped in favour of another contestant, Louise Pillidge.

Australia rallied around sweet Sam, and she was the perfect choice to be our very first leading lady on The Bachelorette.

Sam Frost has had 14 men vying for her attention.

So yes, you could say that Sam Frost’s relationship status is one of the most noticeable things about her. Very little is said about her career, or really any other aspect of her life.

But that’s because she’s on this show, right? There’s more to her than wanting a boyfriend. Right?

Well, we’re not sure. Frost has indicated that she believes that to be happy, she needs to find the right man.

“After everything that happened, I never really believed that I could be truly happy again,” she said on The Bachelorette.

Sam was previously engaged to season two’s The Bachelor, Blake Garvey.

“But now, I’ve realised that if I choose the right guy, happiness is just around the corner, and I could have the most amazing life and the most beautiful love story and that’s just such an amazing feeling.”

Oh, Sam.

This woman is only 26 years old. Aren’t there so many, many things in life that can make her happy that have nothing to do with a “beautiful love story”? Try yoga, chocolate brownies, the Orgasmatron. Get a dog! Go to Argentina! Learn a new skill!

She has said that she’s found love and that she and the winner of The Bachelorette are still together.

It seems like a woefully outdated notion — for anyone, male or female — to think that happiness lies in someone else.

What if this new relationship doesn’t work out for Sam? Will she be condemned to misery for the rest of her life? Will she embark on another desperate televised search for “the one”?

What if… what if “the one” doesn’t actually exist?

What about the orgasmatron?

Just sayin’.

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