We've definitely seen The Bachelorette's Ryan on TV before.

 He’s scheming, makes your skin crawl a little too much and claims to know exactly how things will play out (while not actually having a clue at all).

But wait a minute, are we talking about The Bachelorette‘s Ryan or Game of Thrones‘s Littlefinger?


the bachelorette ryan
"I'm just gonna creep back here, hey." Source: Channel 10.

Look closely, people. They are basically if not entirely the same person (without the capes and endless vistas of snow, obviously).


Don't believe me? Let me lay out a point-by-point comparison for you....

From the outset of Game of Thrones, Littlefinger was recognised for the sneaky, snakey, all out suspicious creep that he has since proven himself to be.

Kind of like old mate Ryan, whose hobbies include cutting talking women off as they speak, interrogating people one on one in a pool house, and ensuring Sophie is literally never able to listen to the opinions of other men, including those who might want to clue her up to just how royally shit he is.

And while Littlefinger swears his one true love is and always was Catelyn Stark, he seems pretty happy to marry anyone who will give him the power and money he desires. Kind of like Ryan the construction foreman, who somehow only found his way onto The Bachelorette once a famous, well-earning woman came onto the scene.


Who the biggest creeper of them all, Ryan? Image via HBO.

When it comes to their treatment of women, Littlefinger, at least, appears to not be entirely sexist because he seems to believe that he's smarter than everybody - man or woman.

He loves a power move, enjoys a head fuck and basically aims to leave you riddled with insecurity or dead. Cue Ryan, who enjoys being rude to the person who he's supposed to be wooing, cutting people off when they're talking and basically not listening to anything the one woman he's having regular contact with has to say.

Oh, and did we mention they both appear to love hanging at the back of the room? At least, Littlefinger did until he had his throat slit by the woman he was trying to outsmart. Make of that what you will, Ryan fans.


Make of that what you will.

the bachelorette ryan
Don't try and be cool with us. We know your game. Source: Channel 10.

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