EXCLUSIVE: James says this is the exact moment he knew his chances with Sophie Monk were finished.

No doubt by now you’ll have heard the news, that Sophie Monk booted James on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Broken hearts and red faces aside, the whole thing left us with ~so~ many questions.

How did things go so wrong, so fast? Could the helpful yet slightly smug eHarmony man’s comments about their incompatibility really have made that much of a difference?

Well, yes.

According to the 31-year-old financial adviser, it was 100 per cent that dude’s fault. OK, we’re paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

“I think it was the group date and listening to the eHarmony guy telling [Sophie] that we’re not compatible because of this, this and this – that, to me, was the start of when the cracks started to form,” he told Mamamia.

“Everything in the lead up had been really good, great momentum, awesome conversations and connection. But I can never know exactly how somebody else is thinking and feeling. We spoke at the cocktail party and it was all good, I actually did a mentalist thing with Apollo where we read her mind, that was a lot of fun.

“But in the end, I can pinpoint it back to those comments about being a bit too organised. I’m definitely not serious… but even organised, I’m not that organised, I look at my bedroom floor and it’s not like it’s over the top.”

When a eHarmony expert says you're not compatible with Sophie Monk. Image: Giphy.

OK, so we have confirmation that it was, indeed, the eHarmony guy who stuffed everything up for us Sophie and James. But surely what we saw on TV wasn't all of it, right? There had to have been more of an explanation surely...

"You can blame editing, but a lot of the time, things are said and done, you can't edit that, it's just what it is," James said of his unjustly brief exit from the Bachelor mansion.

"She just said 'look, there's the right girl out there for you' and I said my bit and that was it. Everything that happened on the show, it's me 100 per cent, and that shone through."

There's no doubt James' 'sweet natured' character, as his Channel Ten bio reads, squeezed hearts across the country. With social media labelling him 'the perfect man', he will forever more be known as 'the nice guy'. And that's completely fine by him.

James, we see you. (Image: Ten)

"I put [being the nice guy] down to having some beautiful women in my life, I grew up as a middle child with older and younger sisters and two step-sisters, to be honest, they and my mum taught me to respect women, but also to let them be themselves and not to be controlling over that. That's what I've always done.

*Jarrod, Blake - take note...

"I've read some comments saying, 'no, he's too soft' but it's not that at all. I can be all those 'manly' things too. It's overwhelming that everyone's getting behind me for being nice, it just shows that you can be both."

Mamamia can report James' heart is on the mend, with the chance to finally open up and share his story giving him much-needed closure.

Sadly, the same can't be said for us.

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