Bachelorette's Lee and Georgia were just probed on very X-rated details of their sex life.

It’s only been one day since Georgia Love and Lee Elliott made their romance public and already they’re being quizzed about their sex life.

Appearing on KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show on Friday morning, the newly loved-up pair received barrage of intimate questions from shock jock Kyle Sandilands about their first time having sex.

Oh, Kyle…

The couple say producers had to "pry them apart" after they revealed their love. Image via Channel 10.

"When you were peeling off her clothes ...Were you nervous?" the 45-year-old radio host asked the pair. "I would have been s**ting bricks," he continued.

Trying to keep things above board, Lee responded "I was told to behave here," Lee began before conceding, "There were no nerves there whatsoever. Once you have made out in front of cameras."

"It is not so nerve-racking," Georgia agreed before Kyle took his questioning up a notch.

Can't stop asking inappropriate questions, won't stop asking inappropriate questions.

The line of questioning is hardly something new for Kyle, who asked similar questions of this year's couple from The Bachelor, Richie Strahan and Alex Nation.

"Georgia, is he a take-charge lover?" Kyle continued on with complete seriousness.

But ever the journalist, Georgia dodged the question, responding, "Absolutely your words. I would not and did not say that."

Our new Bachelorette couple. Image via Channel 10.

Dissatisfied with her diplomacy, Kyle pestered, "Who is the take charge lover? You or him?"

Laughing awkwardly and probably just wanting to get on outta there by this point, Georgia remained firm, replying, "No I am not going to talk about that. Everything else about our relationship so far has been played out to the country, so that's why it absolutely doesn't need to."

Sorry, Kyle. Looks like you'll just have to use your imagination for this one.

Game, set, match, Ms Love.