If you thought Georgia and Courtney's breakup was oddly familiar, you're very right.

Look, I’m pretty sure no one is over Georgia and Courtney’s gargantuan breakup. Hell, I don’t even really know if it actually counts as a breakup.

But through all of the intense emotion and longing stares, I couldn’t help but wonder… Haven’t we seen a breakup just like this before?

the bachelorette georgia and courtney

Oh boy, here we go. Source: Channel 10.

All I could think while watching last night, was that from the OTT ballgown to her declaration of self-respect, Georgia Love Carrie Bradshaw'ed the shit out of that breakup.


"There's only one thing I'm here for," Georgia said after the pair's recent hometown date.

"I want to be standing there at the end, madly head over heels in love with someone and knowing that they feel the same way about me. But I need that commitment back from that other person, and I don't think that you can give me that, can you?" she asked solemnly, knowing that the answer was almost certainly going to be something along the lines of and Aleksandr Petrovsky-worthy, 'nah'.

the bachelorette georgia and courtney

Dresses to be heartbroken in. Source: Channel 10 / Youtube.

"I need to be true to what I came in here for and what I wholeheartedly believe I can and will find at the end of this," Georgia continued, Courtney simply waiting it out in solemn silence.

Sitting together on the grounds of the rural mansion that doesn't even come close to Sex and the City's Carrie and The Russian's Parisian hotel suite, Georgia poetically continued, "whatever your story is, my story is that I meet someone and I fall in love with someone. And I believe in that, and I need my person to 100 per cent believe in that now because I've put everything on the line... I'm trying to decide who I'll stand there with and start my forever with, not my maybe potentially forever."

the bachelorette georgia and courtney

Just two uncommunicative fools, confused about the game of love. Source: Youtube / Channel 10.

She's looking for, as Carrie would say, that "ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love."

How Courtney didn't realise that and his inability to speed the love process along before hometown visits, we're not entirely sure, but hey, Petrovsky was no better, right?

After all, he encouraged Carrie to pack up her life, leave her friends, move across the world and hang out alone for hours on end before being like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when she called him out on his unwillingness to sacrifice anything.

the bachelorette georgia and courtney

Aint no one got time for that shit. Source: Youtube. 

At least Courtney's stilted romantic streak only extended to making Georgia pretend she was in little nipper on national TV.

So now the only question remaining is, WHO WILL BE GEORGIA'S ULTIMATE MR BIG? 

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