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Sam Frost shares the first video with Bachelorette winner Sasha.

So loved-up.

Well, it’s official. It’s all over and The Bachelorette Sam Frost has chosen her leading man, Sasha.

After months of having to keep their lips zipped, and their entire extended families under lock and key no doubt, the pair can finally do what all new couples do…

Post about their new relationship all over social media to share how loved-up they are.


It was an emotional finale, no doubt.

Lots of tears from Sam, and the phrase ‘beautiful soul’ used more times than could ever be necessary.

So now the tango-dancing-duo can breathe a big sigh of relief. (And spam our Instagram feeds)

Listent to the final episode of BachChat here:

Post continues after video:

It’s all over for another season. Missed a recap? Catch up here:


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