BACH FLUFF: The men had to have a special meeting with Sophie Monk about ‘personal hygiene’.

There’s no denying it – pop star and all round legend Sophie Monk stole all of our hearts during Wednesday night’s The Bachelorette.

It was the first episode of the season. We met 18 potential suitors. And watched Monk serve them up some of her brutal honesty, desert-dry humour and trademark self-depreciation.

But, while Monk was making a killer first impression, not everyone was doing the same.

The 37-year-old Bachelorette last night told The Project there were a few men who, as soon as she met them, she knew it was never going to work out.

She backed this up with a chat to radio hosts Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, in which she revealed one of the show’s contestants had insufferable body odour.

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“One did have really bad ‘BO’ and we had to say to the whole group, ‘can you wear deodorant?'” she told the radio show.

When asked if she called him out on it, Monk said it was a general announcement.

“Yeah, yeah I wouldn’t do personally,” she laughed.

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As Monk as the Bachelorette continues, we will be left wondering:

Who out of the 18 will steal her heart?

Who gave the worst first impression?

And, ultimately, who the hell need to be reminded to wear deodorant when going on a date with Sophie Monk?