The Bachelorette's Cam says he wasn't shocked that Georgia sent him home.

Despite spending weeks in the mansion bro-ing down with the other contenders, The Bachelorette‘s resident fireman, Cam, says he still has no idea who will ultimately win Georgia Love’s love.

Speaking to TV Week following his eviction, the 26-year-old described Lee as “the perfect human being,” Matty J as “an absolute unicorn – I’ve never met anyone who is so well-rounded and has absolutely every aspect of his life sorted,” and Courtney and Jake as the two contenders who have seriously strong connections with Georgia.

It must have been love, but it's over now. Source: Channel 10.

"Courtney and Jake have such genuine connections with Georgia,” Cam said, continuing, “I know that for a fact as I have seen Georgia with them – how easily they talk, and how easily everything comes to them both.”

And while Cam's departure left a nation of viewers in absolute bloody shock, the WA firefighter says it came and no surprise to him.

RIP Cam and Georgia. Source: Channel 10. 

“I had a real gut feeling that I was going," he admitted, adding, "You can’t be too upset, though, because you’re looking at the guys next to you and you know how amazing they are.”

Labelling 35-year-old Lee as his best friend in the house and hopeful to win, Cam said that overall, the camaraderie throughout the house was high.

Ladies, your newest man on the market, Cam. Source: Channel 10.

“You are so close with the guys, and you’re really happy for them when they come home from a date and they are happy,” Cam says. “But at the same time, you are a little bit cut, because that’s the same girl you are dating.”

But even with the competition, Cam added, “We weren’t jealous and no-one stormed off upset when someone else was doing well,” he says.

Which, we find quite hard to believe in the case of his Disney-themed date with Georgia, but sure, we'll take your word for it, Cam.

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