We're already a little bit in love with one of The Bachelorette contestants: Ben.

OK, we know it’s fast, but we’ve already developed a crush on one of The Bachelorette contestants.

He’s a single dad from Wollongong. A nervous poo-er. A certifiable five and half out of ten.

His name is Ben, he’s 32, and we’re already a little bit in love with him.

There’s only one problem: he’s falling for someone else… Channel 10’s brand new Bachelorette Georgia Love.

Like, he’s literally falling for her — he tripped up the stairs on their first meeting. Classic Ben.

But we’re not so sure the feelings are reciprocated, despite Georgia taking an adorkable tumble of her own later in the night.

This was the 27-year-old’s face on hearing her blue-suited suitor had done no less than three nervous poos before meeting her:

Sorry, what? Source: Channel 10

"I wasn't going to come over and say one when I've actually done three," he later told the camera.

While we question the wisdom of talking bowel movements on a first meeting — with anyone — we can appreciate the honesty.

And, um, honestly, there was no shortage off truth bombs from Bachelor Ben who later declared himself a five and a half on good day.

Happily, Mr Five-And-A-Half brought along a 10 out of 10 gift from his two babies, his pet huskies Bindi and Zephyr, whom earlier he declared he loved "the most out of everything".

Seriously, could he be any more relatable?


It was a T-shirt to be worn down the track when he and Georgia are "in love and stuff like that".

It featured a picture of the doggos. And Ben. And the words: "Pick our dad - he'll make you smile when you've had a RUFF day."

Missed the episode? Catch up with Bach Chat:

While Love declared their meeting the most "erratic" conversation she'd ever had, we doubt she'll be forgetting it any time soon.

Also, about five minutes into last night's episode she also outlined her perfect partner as follows:

"If someone can make me laugh, say really bad puns and really bad dad jokes and then pull out a guitar and sing a song to me, I reckon I've found the guy."

Essentially Ben sticks three out of four of the boxes, so if he can play the guitar we reckon he's got this one in the bag.

If not, he can always swing by the Mamamia office because we love him the most out of everything.

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