Get ready for a whole lot more reality: We're adding 'ette' to The Bachelor in 2015.


Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of reality. Channel Ten dropped a few bombs last night, as they revealed their 2015 TV line-up.

What are we MOST excited about? The Bachelorette.

It’s official. In 2015, we’ll be adding the ‘ette’ to The Bachelor. One lady will have her choice of thirty men to groom as potential grooms. And if it’s anything like this year’s series of The Bachelor the drama will be epic to the point of exhaustion and your Facebook feed will know of nothing else.

There has been no word on who the lucky lady might be. It may be a past contestant, or they may get a newbie. But if past contestants are contending for the position, then Laurina “Dirty Stree Pie” Fleure, Chantal Hryniewski and Zoe O’Brien are probably the front-runners, considering they were VIP’s at the Channel 10 event last night.

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Which girl would you like to see as the Bachelorette? 


What else might be exciting in reality TV land next year?

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, picture around twelve celebrities (ranging from B-grade to Z-grade) fighting for their survival in a jungle in Africa. Well… maybe not fighting… but sleeping in hammocks and living off rice and beans. And NO TWEETING. What will the world DO?

We won’t find out who the celebrities are until the show airs (they don’t want the celebrities to know who each other are until the show starts, maybe due to concern tat one of them will start hunting early, Hunger Games style) but we do know who the hosts are. Julia Morris and Dr. Chris ‘Bondi Vet’ Brown.


Julia, who will be appearing on Channel Nine with House Husbands AND on Channel Ten with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, said to NewsCorp “we all know I’ve been waiting a long time to get Dr Chris in the jungle and under no circumstances will I be yelling ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE.’

Masterchef and The Biggest Loser (Families) will both be returning, sure to bring in their usual large numbers. New reality shows include an’ inventions and innovations’ series, Shark Tank, based on the US show and hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris.




Ten’s head of programming Beverly McGarvey says they are “pushing hard” for another season, but the writers/directors/actors/producers are moving on to other projects. Those involved with Party Tricks are hoping Ten will support the struggling new show, instead of pushing for more Offspring. Once again, they used the “negotiations are continuing” line. We no longer know if we want another season… we just need closure on whether we should expect it.

The Neighbours 30 Year Special will be a spectacle, as well as telemovies on the lives of Princess Mary and Peter Brock.

Alright, Channel Ten. Bring it on.


Reality TV. It’s like a car crash we can’t look away from.


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