The Bachelor's Tiffany sheds lights on the 'stressful' life of living inside the mansion.

Having made her departure from Bachie Land last week, it doesn’t seem like Tiffany Scanlon is sad to have her reality television experience done and dusted.

At least that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

the bachelor tiffany

The Bachelor's Tiffany Scanlon and Richie Strahan. Source: Channel 10

Attending the Style Aid charity event in Western Australia with fellow Bachelor contestants Megan Marx and Aimee Psellos on Friday night, the 29-year-old said life in the house wasn't exactly a bed of roses (spare ceremony nights, of course).

She also admitted she's enjoying getting to know her temporary housemates outside of their experimental environment.


"It's nice that we're no longer all trying to date the same guy," she admitted.

Tiffany's elimination evening. Post continues... 

Video via The Bachelor

Speaking to the West Australian at the event, the avid planker also said that while "getting dressed up and having my hair and makeup done" is something she enjoys doing in her day-to-day life, it held an entirely different meaning while she was inside the house.

"Doing that on the show was stressful because you were hoping that out of all of the beautiful women Richie would notice you," she explained.

The Bachelor's Tiffany Scanlon at Style Aid. Source: Instagram.

And while her two companions for the evening are still in the running for Richie Stahan's undying love and eternal ab strength, Tiffany says there's no bad blood, but rather the beginning of new friendships.

"It was amazing to be able to talk as we wanted to and not have to stay on a particular topic or have our conversation redirected or not be competing for a man," Tiffany said, finally adding that the evening with Marx and Psellos was "so nice."

As to who will win the prize that is Richie Strahan, you'll have to wait and see.

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