The Bachelor asked someone already in a relationship to go on The Bachelor.

Wow. Just wow.

Model, Dancer and Sydney Kings cheerleader – Jordan Finlayson – was a ratings winner for Channel Seven’s season three of Beauty and the Geek in 2011. 

So it’s not surprising that she was asked to be on the third series of Channel Ten’s The Bachelor, going to air this year according to an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

And while that’s all lovely and fine – asking a woman who’s been on one dating reality TV show to go on another one – it was slightly awkward when she had to turn them down.

Jordan was approached by Channel Ten. Image via @jordan_finlayson Instagram

The 24-year-old didn't turn them down because she didn't want to be involved in another TV show competing against other girls to win the heart of a bachelor (yes dreams really do come true), but because she has already found love.

During her season on Beauty and the Geek, Jordan formed a relationship with 'geek' Lachlan Cosgrove. However, Lachlan tattooed another contestant (Sarah's) name to his bum. When Jordan discovered the tattoo she flipped out (rightly so) and a nasty break-up followed. But now she is with someone new.

The couple seem very loved up. @jordan_finlayson Instagram.

Her new love does have a name - Nick Marshall (see above).

And even if she hadn't found a better man in the interim, we wouldn't blame her for turning down The Bachelor - on grounds of morale and dignity from the tattoo experience.

Jordan's doing pretty damn well for herself now too (no reality TV required). She's the face of the new Comfort Joy lingerie brand and her new partner is the managing director for clothing brand Statement Clothing.

"Twin boobies on today's shoot. #comfortbras" Image via @jordan_finlayson Instagram

It's all happening for Jordan who doesn't need to claw her way through a pack of drooling hyenas on the new series of The Bachelor.

Good on you.

What do you think of reality TV shows based around dating?

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