BACH FLUFF: Simone says there were unseen consequences for touching Matty's 'Johnson'.

After a long, hard slog, Wednesday night saw the inevitable eviction of Simone from The Bachelor mansion.

Although we knew it was coming, we couldn’t help but feel like the Manchester native got a rough shake of the sauce bottle.

The only lady not to receive a single date, Simone had to work bloody hard to make her mark.

Case in point: The ole crotch graze during the game of ‘pin the heart on Matty’ that went below the belt. Literally.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but according to the 25-year-old office administrator, there were unseen consequences for touching Matty’s manhood.


Appearing on Thursday night’s episode of The Project, Simone was asked if she thought it was fair that Matty Johnson wants to be loved for more than his “Johnson” (nice one, Waleed).

“Oh gosh, how embarrassing. I had to cop a feel while I was there, I wasn’t going to get much more,” she explained. Fair.

“He got me escorted out afterwards, you didn’t see that bit,” she added, followed by awkward laughs all around because… What? Was she being serious?

The Project hosts also addressed what seemed to be a ‘touchy’ subject for Simone, asking why she’s so defensive over her range-esque childhood photo.

“Look, I’ve got nothing against them, I think they’re beautiful but I wasn’t a red head. I’m a brunette,” she insisted.

Then, in a masterstroke of stating the obvious, Waleed asked what we’re all thinking, “But have you seen the photo?”

I guess for now, we’ll agree to disagree.

But are you SURE? (Image: Ten)

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