The Bachelor's Sharlene has a boyfriend and we have about 17539 questions.

On Thursday, The Bachelor‘s Sharlene was unceremoniously dumped from the reality TV show in a scene that had viewers furrowing their eyebrows, shrinking onto their couches and covering their eyes with the distinct desire to see no more, hear no more.

It was awkward, a little uncomfortable and no doubt had the fingerprints of carefully curated production all over it. But alas, it now appears that Sharlene was the last person in the country to be stressed about her exit from the reality dating show. After all, it seems, just days after her exit was made public, she had a boyfriend the entire time we were watching the show.

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“Happened to find one that fit into the venn diagram. Loves musical theatre, pugs AND he’s a boxer. Looks like he found himself a pretty awesome caterer too,” she wrote on Instagram the day after her final episode aired.

In a separate post on Saturday night, she wrote, “Sometimes, love comes into your life when you least expect it, and brings you the most happiness you could ever wish for. I’m absolutely blessed to have met you.”

Which, you know, is great news for Sharlene etc etc.


But also, um, we have a few questions. Namely, um, how? How is this allowed? How is this possible? How can you date in public while your TV show about dating is still on the air?

Yeah, so, ahhhh, how? Which other contestants are on Tinder? Who else is out there dating, without a care in the world about the sanctity of the show and the fake relationships they foster?

Congratulations to Sharlene, but, erm, surely this isn’t allowed.