The Bachelor intruder Sarah is fairly confident she knows who Richie's top two will be.

When 26-year-old Sarah Harding entered The Bachelor mansion as one of three intruders, she ruffled a few feathers. Keira didn’t like her (…did Keira like anybody?), and the other women vying for Richie’s heart thought it was unfair that the motor-bike-riding sales rep from Queensland could just come and date their boyfriend.

While she was only on our screens for a week, ‘Sweet Motorbike Girl’, as we came to know her, managed to steal a few moments alone with Richie, and establish friendships with the other Bachelorettes. She even thinks she learnt enough about the dynamics between the women and Richie, to give a pretty good guess as to who his top two will be.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O on Monday morning, Sarah said, “I think the top two are Alex or Nikki. They’re both [sic] pretty big connections with him.”

the bachelor chocolate bath
The Bachelor's Alex with Richie during their chocolate bath date. Image via Channel 10.

What's interesting is that most viewers would probably say the same. Alex and Nikki have likely spent the most time with the 31-year-old Rope Access Technician from Western Australia, and Alex and Richie's chocolate bath date saw them getting very, very intimate.

Of course, not everyone agreed with Sarah's prediction. Another listener tweeted, "My vote is Alex and Olena, not keen on Nikki, she seems a little sneeky."

Speaking to Elle, Sarah elaborated on the connections Alex and Nikki had with Richie. "They’re so different, the connections, but they’re quite strong," she said.

Nikki during the baby challenge, which she won. Obviously. Image via Channel 10.

"One week you might think Nikki has the strongest, and then the next minute Alex has the strongest. I think Alex was a little bit… not as polite in feeding on information. It would have been a bit upsetting for Nikki to hear some of those things. You can be a bit more elegant about what you want to tell after your dates. I think she’s not as polite in that aspect."

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Interesting. Very interesting.

But it seems there's a divide between who Sarah thinks will win, and who she would like to see win. Speaking to Woman's Day, she said she'd love to see Richie choose Faith, although "maybe Alex" is the one Richie has fallen for.

While Sarah says if she could go back, she would have tried to "be a bit more confident in myself," and "thought a bit more about the questions to ask Richie and gone a little deeper when answering" she has no regrets about doing the show.

She's come out of the experience with several new friendships, and a whole lot of gossip.

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