The Bachelor's Sandra Rato has a brand new boyfriend.

The Bachelor‘s Sandra Rato has announced she has found love.

The 28-year-old former teacher told TV Week recently that she is currently dating Serbian singer Miko Kovacevic.

The happy couple met through friends while Sandra was getting her hair and make-up done for an event.

She gushed about her new beau, who she described as “adorable”.

Image via Instagram @sandrabachelorau.

"He understands ?my high energy, cray-cray nature, and he knows ?how to handle my big, extrovert personality," she said.

Sandra said she believed going on the show had given her love life a helping hand.

"It definitely helped. There was so much interest and people asking for selfies ?with me, as well as number exchanges and dinner dates. It was fabulous!"

"On our way to see the premiere of #stakesthemovie #soexcited" Image via Instagram @sandrabachelorau.

Since leaving the show, Sandra has also left her teaching career. These days, she's a Virgin flight attendant.

"I’m currently enjoying ?my recent career change, which is travelling the blue skies with Virgin ?Australia as cabin crew," she explained.

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Video via Dan and Maz

Sandra earned herself a reputation as one of the show's 'villains' after a very public spat with fellow contestant Reshael during the show's first cocktail party.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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