The Bachelor's Sam and Snezana reveal their plans for a family.

It seems that things are moving incredibly quickly for The Bachelor‘s Sam and Snezana.

While they only went public with their relationship about a month ago, the pair who are obviously smitten with each other, have revealed they are planning on having a child together.

Sam, Snezana and Eve. Image via Instagram.

During an interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on KIIS FM this morning, the duo were asked if they've talked about having children together.

Sam replied, "We're practising. We have spoken about kids and we both definitely want to have kids and have them together. Not just yet but soon."

Sam and Snezana. Image via Instagram.

When Kyle probed as to why they didn't want to have children right away, Sam said, "We're still living in separate states."

Later in the segment, an on air caller asked when exactly the pair are planning on giving Eve a sibling. Sam said, "I think a year. I'm 35 and Snez turns 35 tomorrow, so we're not spring chickens. We have discussed it and we want to have kids soonish."

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Sam is obviously not wasting any time developing a relationship with Eve either.

Just last night, he shared a picture on Instagram of them having a meal together. He captioned the image with, "Our first little date. Mum is away so we are out for dinner and getting to know each other. What an incredible little girl."

Sam and Eve. Image via Instagram.

Later in the show, Kyle then asked if the duo were satisfied with their sex life to which Snezana responded, "There are no disappointments. None." Sam added, "It's unbelievable."

When another on air caller asked if they had been 'going at it like rabbits' Snezana replied, "There's a lot of time to make up for."

We bet there is...

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