Richie's personal trainer has the final word on that nasty Bachelor rumour.

Being famous must really stink sometimes. People analysing your love life, dissecting your every word, telling the world you have nasty B.O.

Yep. That happened, and to our Bachie Richie Strahan, no less.

When we first heard that rumour, the only thing we could smell was straight-up B.S. — and now the blonde beau’s personal trainer has backed us up by quashing any suggestion the 31-year-old’s odour off-putting.

“I actually read [that] and was, like, that is a load!” Renae Wauhop told TheFIX.

“Because I was with him when he was sweating, and that’s the time when people smell, and he did not stink ever. He definitely does not smell.”


Some viewers thought Keira's mysterious statement last week confirmed the rumour. Image: Channel 10.

Not even a little bit? Not even a vague waft of man musk?

"I couldn't tell you, but he doesn't stink. That's something that you'd notice," she added.

The rumour mill was set spinning back in June when 'sources' told New Idea Richie's body odour was causing contestants to threaten pulling out of the show.

“No-one knew if he was aware of it, or if it was down to his nerves. But it was noticeable and was certainly a mood killer as far as romance goes,” the source reportedly said.

Well, take that Anonymous Source Close to The Bachelor. Might be time to check where the stench is really coming from.

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