Osher's Dream Team: The Bachelor contestants he'd bring back.

When it comes to all things Bachelor, Osher Gunsberg is our Bachelor God. He is an expert. A guru. A full-blown, love genius.

Over the past four years we have watched as he’s guided Bachelors and the Bachelorette to find true love. (Unless of course you are Blake, in which case – not guided).

That’s why, when he joined us on the Bach Chat podcast, we asked him who his dream team of former contestants would be.

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And, being the excellent sport he is, he agreed. Here they are:

Rochelle from Season 1.

Rochelle with Tim and Anna. Image via The Bachelor

Rochelle was our first ever runner-up on The Bachelor. She made it all the way to Thailand only to be told by the original Bachie that she wasn't the one for him. But according to Osher she was heaps fun to work with, and in an interview he did with us a few years ago, he said he would love to have her over for a BBQ. "The things that she'd say that we couldn't put to air were priceless."

Chantal from Season 2.

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Season 2 of The Bachelor gave us a lot of awesome chicks. Laurina Fleur. Sam Frost. But according to Osher, his stand-out was Chantal Hryniewski. She was funny, up front, and saw right through Blake.

Sam Frost from Season 2 and The Bachelorette.

Sam Frost as the 2015 Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10.

What would a dream team be without Sam Frost? She's everyone's favourite. Funny. Down to earth. And bloody hilarious. She may have found love with Sasha, but Osh would love to see her back on his number one team.

Snezana from Season 3.

Sure, Snez may have won the whole damn thing last year, but that doesn't rule her out. "She was super fun," Osher told us. And we'd kind of just love to see her and Sam hang out together.

And of course, last but not at all least. The break out star of this year's series...

Keira from Season 4.

"Just to see what happens," Osher said.

Now that sure would be a show to watch.

Plus, it's a good mix of blondes and brunettes, which, you know, Richie could learn from...

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