Lana's guide to being the one NOT chosen on The Bachelor.

When Richie hands out his final rose on The Bachelor finale tonight, there are only a handful of people in the country who know how the loser is going to feel.

Lana Jeavons-Fellows is one of those people.

There probably couldn’t be a worse time to come runner-up. Second place in the Melbourne Cup earns you $900,000. Silver at the Olympics is still cause for Aussie pride. But runner-up on a dating show? You just get dumped. On national television.

Joining us on the Bach Chat podcast, Lana admitted that she was devastated to get dumped, because she thought she would end the day with Sam, not crying alone in a barn.

“I was convinced it was me… It was a really weird day,” she said.

Lana said at this point in the game, Nikki and Alex would “Just want it all to be over with.” Yep, makes sense.

They’ve both said they’re in love (which is pretty awkward, tbh) and now they want to know if he is too.

Lana says of that chaotic finale, “I had someone doing my hair, someone doing my make-up, all these lighting people everywhere and I was like, ‘I just wanna find out if this guy likes me or not.'”

Nikki and Alex are the final two girls let standing. Image via Channel 10.

With all the chaos and nerves, it's gotta be pretty tricky to think straight. Lana had the added bonus of a freezing night.

She told the producers, "If he breaks up with me, can you ask him to do it quickly? It's really cold in this dress."


At least the Balinese finale won't have that problem. Although, we're a little concerned they might sweat that make-up off....

SO DEWY... Image via Channel 10.

So what happens when you get dumped on national TV? What is running through your head?

"I was completely in shock," said Lana.

While Sam was going through his cliched, 'it's not you, it's me' speech, she was thinking, 'huh? That's not what you said yesterday?' 

And then, 'well, that amounted to nothing.'

"You're so perfect, but you're perfect for someone else." UGHHHHHH STOP. Image via Channel 10.

But Lana managed to do what us mere mortals could never do: she held back her tears until the cameras were off.

"I remember sitting on this haystack, crying." she said.

"You go through this really intimate journey with this guy, then you literally never see or speak to them again."

She also revealed that the final two don't spend any time together in the lead up to the finale. How lonely! Just you, and your thoughts.

Nikki and Alex, if you're reading, we've got some advice for surviving the bitter-dumpee phase of the Bachelor journey... Make like Lana and leave the country to lick your wounds. No one knows about your heartbreak on the beaches of Europe!

You will make it through. YOU WILL FIND LOVE AGAIN!

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Lana should know, look at the man she snagged post-Bachy!

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat below, and stay tuned for another special finale episode tonight. 

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