Keira wants to be the Bachelorette. The campaign starts here.

Keira for Queen Bachelorette.

Bow down people, Keira has told us she would LOVE to be the next Bachelorette.

Can we bump Georgia Love? Because seriously, we just can’t wait another year…

Georgia, we're sure you're Lovely. But: Keira. Source: Channel 10.

Keira Maguire - eliminated Bachelor contestant (we miss you!), outspoken bad ass and peasant hunter - visited the Mamamia podcast studio last night and we had soooo many questions for her.

*Playing it cool* Keira visited Mamamia, NBD.

And obviously, at the top of that list was 'PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL US YOU'LL BE OUR NEXT BACHELORETTE!?!???'

We played it cool for a while but then we had to ask. And her answer? Yes!!!

All our dreams are coming true. via GIPHY

We cannot contain our excitement. via GIPHY

'I feel like it's more my thing, at least I can have control,' she said.

'I would eat....' she hesistated. And we can only imagine the rest of that sentence was, 'I would eat those poor blokes alive.'

What we wouldn't give to see that....

Tay Tay is all about Keira for Bachelorette. via GIPHY

'I would definitely do it because I'd just f**k s**t up,' she said.

Oh my god, imagine the group dates... Imagine the chokers and the thigh high split dresses.... Imagine the terrified faces of the peasants who Keira doesn't deem worthy.



Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat here, for all the deliciously juicy Bachy talk: