An 'Intruder' tells what it's really like arriving late to The Bachelor.


Just when we thought things were getting a little boring on The Bachelor, our prayers were answered and three intruders entered.

Finally some real DRAMA.

But is it real? According to one of last year’s intruders Rachel Moore, yes. Being an intruder on The Bachelor really is as tough as it looks.

She joined us on the latest episode of the Bach Chat podcast, and it turns out that everything we saw last night is very accurate.


It really is an ‘Us vs Them’ mentality

If you thought it was a little intense when the intruders entered last night, it’s probably because it was. “You walked in and everyone stared at you,” Rachel told us on Bach Chat.

“It’s definitely like that, because they are so glued together and they are so bonded. And they like to rub it in your face about how much longer they’ve been there.”

“You can feel that they just want to ask you all these questions, like, they want answers and they want them now.”

She arrived the night of a rose ceremony, and one of the girls even told her to not get too comfortable because she'd probably be going home straight anyway.



Mind games DO happen.

We saw Kiki try to play a few on screen last night with Keira, but turns out that when the camera goes off, things get a lot worse. "There's lots of mind games that happen off camera." Rachel said.

Also, Rachel did some strategic thinking of her own, picking a bedroom of who she deemed the women least popular with The Bach.

"When I arrived there were three bedrooms, and they were all bunk beds, so I chose the room where I thought that... it might be empty soon. And I ended up being right and I got the whole bedroom to myself for two weeks."

Hear Rachel talk about what else happens inside the mansion:

The rose ceremonies kinda let you know who will be going home next.

"I didn't realise, but it is sort of in order. You know, the bottom two are probably going to go home in the next few weeks. So I'm standing there in the bottom two every week not realising. Because those bottom two, really ARE the bottom two."

Thanks for clearing that up, Rachel.

For those who are playing along at home, here's a reminder of who's still in the running for Richie's heart: