Where The Bachelor cars really go when they leave the mansion.

There’s nothing more awkward than being eliminated from The Bachelor, right? Standing with a bunch of other girls, waiting for your name to be called by the handsome suitor, and then…nothing…


But there’s one thing that makes it much, much worse: the car ride home.

Listen to Penny Palman, a contestant from Season 1, telling us what really happens on our Bachelor podcast, Bach Chat:

We’ve got a lot of questions about what happens during that fateful car ride to…the airport? The bus station? The side of a highway so they can hitch-hike the rest of the way home? WHERE ARE THEY GOING?!

WHERE IS THIS CAR GOING!? Image via Channel 10.

Luckily, Penny Palman, a contestant on the very first season of The Bachelor Australia, has revealed all, telling Mamamia that the limo is actually heading for a nearby hotel.

"You say goodbye on camera, you walk past Richie..they'll grab you in a car and you'll grab your bags...they'll put you in the limo and they send you off to a hotel," she said.

"You did get well looked after...the best part about it is you get your phone back!"


While the experience isn't quite what we imagined (yes, we were picturing the girls being driving around and around in circles while they cried and lamented their lack of rose), Penny's experience wasn't as glamorous as the others.

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"We were in Broome when I got eliminated, so they had to separate me within the resort. The girls were in this beautiful cabin, and they put me in a tent," she laughed.

"It was a glamping tent, but it's still a tent. So I missed out and didn't get a hotel."

Bummer! Here's hoping Eliza was headed somewhere much more glamorous on her car journey last night...

Video via Channel 10