What the hell does The Bachelor's white rose even mean?


After last night’s episode of The Bachelor, we have a lot of questions about the White Rose.

Because what we thought was a one time thing when Alex used it in the first episode, has proven to be…well, not.

So what does this mean?

Can Alex use it whenever she wants? If Alex leaves does it get given to someone else?  Can she use it only at the rose ceremony? Does she PHYSICALLY have to be holding the white rose to pull out the white rose card? When does it ever, ever end? Or does it?

Don’t worry, we can answer all of these Very Important Questions.

And it turns out, the White Rose is like a never ending packet of Tim Tams.

“The white rose allows me and one of the girls to have our own private area,” Richie told Sydney Confidential before the show started last week. “That’s what made the decision so tough, the girl I give the white rose to has the rose for the entire season.”

“Whether that is a help or a hindrance is yet to be seen,” Richie said.

In previous seasons of the show, the white rose meant that whoever received it would be granted immunity for two weeks.

But now it seems Alex can use it whenever she likes. For however long she likes. Which means, she can head to the Bach Cave whenever she wants.

Why not listen to the latest episode of Bach Chat, the podcast to listen to after you’ve watched the show:


We can’t wait to see how the entire white rose thing unfolds, and what happens if Alex doesn’t make it through.

Oh perhaps, that is the biggest hint of all. And we already have a winner.

Only time, and that guy Richie, will tell.