What everybody got so wrong about The Bachelor 'villain', Keira.

OK, so last night when Keira- AKA Lara Bingle -stepped out of the limo it was CLEAR that she was the villain.

The villainous music. The villainous split dress leg shot. The black lacey dress. The choker.

The 29-year-old real estate industry professional’s first words out of her mouth were that she was the “total package”.





So much abuse. Jokes about “choking” her, too. Stay classy, Australia.

But you know what? A woman that has THAT much self-confidence, is unafraid to say that she’s awesome, is kind of a great thing.

We talk our love for Keira on the latest episode of Bach Chat

Keira is a women who decides unapologetically to own herself- her bodies, her desires, her ambitions.

She challenges conventional expectations for women. Is that why so many people are uncomfortable with her? Because she’s a self-serving woman and we’re not used to that?

We’re not meant to like Keira.  The fact that she’s  driven, knew what she wanted, (the white rose) and she couldn’t care if, as she put it, ‘all you bitchez hate me,’ was meant to turn us off her.

But we kinda feel the opposite.


So Keira, thank you. Not just for the entertainment factor. But for introducing the chant “BED BED BED BED BED ” into our lives.

We could all do with a bit of Keira in our lives. We shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when a woman shows determination and self love. And yet we do. Society tells us that this should be making us uncomfortable, when really we should be thinking ‘what a top chick, I should start thinking that about myself.’ Still can’t get enough of The Bachelor? Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat here. It’s like the group chat message you send to all your friends, except it’s in your ears: So thank you Keira, for being you. Pretty sure you were the best thing to come out of The Bachelor last night. Actually…we forgot about the planking:

Video via Channel 10