The Bachelor's Nikki Gogan broke off engagement to partner of 12 years before the show.

Last week, we watched as Nikki Gogan became the first contestant in The Bachelor to score a date and a kiss with Richie.

According to esteemed commentator Rosie Waterland, their conversation went something like this:

“Nah, yeah.”

It was magical.

In perhaps the most compelling part of their date, Gogan shared that she’d never really ‘dated’ before, having been with her previous partner for a number of years, and having known him before their romantic relationship started.

Nikki and Richie on their date. Image via Channel 10.

Now, in an interview with Woman's Day, Gogan has said that only months before cuddling up to Richie, she was engaged to her boyfriend of 12 years, Tim Verlinden.

The 28-year-old real estate agent was due to be married on October 10 last year, and had planned the venue, honeymoon and photographer.

"Looking back, I think I knew deep down something wasn’t right for a while, but I got caught up in all of the excitement," she said.

When he proposed, she realised she didn't feel how she expected to feel, and her uncertainty grew from there.

"I tried to bring it up a few times," she told the magazine. "My family and friends had a hard time coping too. They were like, ‘Why now?’"

Watch: The first time Nikki met Richie. Post continues after video...

"I knew it wasn’t forever. Tim and I had been together for so long and we were on our own paths. We were so independent from each other."

Gogan has been accused of leaving her fiance to be on The Bachelor, but denies these allegations. While she appears happy to be dating again on national television, her ex isn't have such an easy time.

Verlinden told The Daily Mail Gogan “blocked all contact and left.”

"I got home from work one night and she said ‘I don’t love you (enough) to marry you’," he said.

He also added that he has been pursued by her lawyer.