The Bachelor's Nikki reveals her ex-fiancè's involvement in her potential series win.

This Bachelor favourite has slipped up in interviews not once, not twice but THREE TIMES since the show went to air.

Nikki Gogan just can’t seem to stay quiet on the issue of which girl has won Richie’s heart on The Bachelor, and fans are now convinced it’s her.

"Oh hey, it's me. The winner." Image via Channel 10.

Her first mistake came when she hinted her fascination with Richie's eyes "continues".

"I mean, continued, continued," she quickly corrected.

Then, she used the present tense to describe her relationship with Richie an interview with NW magazine.

"I wouldn’t say I’m falling in love yet but I think there’s definitely potential there and I’m excited to see what happens next. I don’t second guess anything he says to me," she said.

And now, Nikki is talking about the money her ex-fiancè stands to gain after he bet $1000 on her taking out the top spot in the competition.


Other girls (besides Nikki) who COULD win the Bachelor's heart. Post continues after gallery.

"Tim actually put $1000 on me to win when I was paying $9, so he stands to win $9000," she told TV Week.

"I think people who’ve interviewed him have asked questions without him even being aware he’s actually being interviewed,

"I do feel sorry for him. To be fair, he didn’t ask for all this and for people to be asking him stuff about me.’

Here's a message for Nikki: the show's not over yet. Of course, she could totally be out-smarting us all, speaking about the show in the present tense because, you know, it's all still unfolding before our eyes.

And it's no secret that Richie clearly has eyes for the 28-year-old. Here's the evidence:

Kissing at the cocktail party? SCANDAL. Image via Channel 10/The Bachelor.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Nikki's ex is set to make a motza off her finding love.