The Bachelor's Megan just revealed the strangest part of her 'cult' upbringing.

Bachelor contestant Megan Marx, who chose to bow out of the competition to win Richie’s heart during the rose ceremony last night, has spoken to Kyle and Jackie O about her unusual upbringing.

While details of Marx’s strict religious childhood in a ‘cult’ began to emerge weeks ago, she told the radio hosts “I don’t like to call it a cult.” Instead, she prefers to describe it as a “community”, and explains she “didn’t watch TV, [there was] no alcohol, and church everyday.”

Perhaps the most bizarre part of life in this community was the fact that they performed exorcisms.

The 27-year-old from Western Australia said, “in exorcisms the preacher would put his hand on your head and speak in tongue to get the demons out.”

She explained that because of her sheltered adolescence, her wedding night when she was 18-years-old was “probably the most hilarious night of my life.” Marx has previously maintained that it wasn’t an arranged marriage, and she had been dating her now ex-husband since she was 14. She said the entire night was “like the ‘missed kiss’ but with other parts.”

The infamous 'missed kiss'. Image via Channel 10.

It's a far cry from life in The Bachelor mansion, where she shared an intimate moment with Richie in front of the cameras. The Bachelor contestants also drink on most dates and the cocktail parties, and frequently frolic around in bikinis. When Marx originally left her community, these were experiences she had to get used to.

"It was difficult to leave the 'community' but I had thought about it for a while," she said. "Having my first drink, wearing a bikini was hard."


She wasn't afraid to tell Kyle and Jackie O that she's more than made up for her conservative upbringing in the years since, having "LOTS of sex" and "naked twerking sessions." When it comes to last night's shock exit, Marx said "you're expected to fall in love and I'd only spent one day with him, that wasn't going to happen for me." Here are the women still vying for Richie's heart. Post continues after gallery...

"Everybody wants and deserves love, I think someone who went in for the wrong reasons maybe changed their mind?" She told the radio hosts that out of all the girls, she was closest to Alex, who she described as a "beautiful soul." Alex was the only other contestant who knew prior to the rose ceremony that Marx had chosen to leave.


The health promotions officer is currently making waves on social media for her brave decision to not accept Richie's rose. Former Bachelorette Sam Frost described the contestant as "such a genuine chick... Good on her for calling B.S!!!," and said she had "mad respect" for the fan favourite.

Marx didn't waste any time explaining to her fans why she left, sharing in a brutally honest Instagram shortly after her exit that she's sure "Richie will find his 'cool banana.'"

Megan's instagram post.

She concluded the post by inquiring: "Now. Manflesh, where are ya."