The ad that took the spotlight away from Matty J during the Bachelor finale.

While Matty J was making his decision on last night’s finale of The Bachelor (but we already knew) Australia had their hearts stolen by another display of love stories.

These love stories don’t have television shows. They’re no rose ceremonies. Marriage isn’t legal… yet.

But they are love stories that are true and powerful and filled with just as much romance and lovely moments and arguments about the towels on the bathroom floor as Matty J and Laura might (if they’re really lucky) go onto enjoy.

Last night, as Australia watched The Bachelor, an advertisement for marriage equality swiftly and decisively stole our hearts. (And potentially Matty J’s limelight but he’s had enough of that).

To a cover of Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, we saw men and women being walked down the aisle to meet their lovers. A man marrying the love of his life, another man. A woman saying ‘I do’ to the woman standing before her.

We saw first dances and cutting of cakes. We saw tears of joy from fathers and mothers giving speeches. We saw bouquets being thrown and two brides being sent off after a night of dancing.

At the end we were left with: “For every bachelor and bachelorette, vote ‘yes’.”

Australia could not cope. Even Osher was overwhelmed by the feels.

Beautifully done.





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