This year's Bachelor mansion is very different to every other.

Praise be.

Television’s own god of hair products and strong looks, Osher Gunsberg, is finally revealing what it takes to transform a regular mansion into a reality television mansion.

Releasing a private tour of the The Bachelor‘s new, Spanish villa inspired digs this week, Gunsberg shares Richie’s favourite romantic spots, the new and improved rose ceremony room and shows us what this Bach Pad has that the previous lacked.

the bachelor mansion

Inside the Bachelor mansion's kitchen. Source: Channel 10

Beginning in the kitchen, which Gunsberg describes as "pretty spectacular," the 42-year-old walks around a large island bench, explaining that the contestants love to cook, and, "for some reason they they like to feed each other."


To each their own, Oshie. To each their own.

the bachelor mansion

Inside the Bachelor mansion's TV room. Source: Channel 10

The television room, which sits just off the kitchen, houses some pretty sneaky cabinetry, with a removable wall that reveals a TV during the day, but neatly hides it away during those all important cocktail parties.

The room is definitely one we recognise from the show, with Gunsberg explaining, "the ladies can sit here and look out there and see what's happening outside. Because it's outside where all the action is."


(A.K.A it's outside where our entertainment hero Keira is.)

Hey, look! It's a helicopter landing space. Source: Channel 10

According to Gunsberg, the show's art department spent an entire month on the garden - colour coordinating outdoor furnishings and making the space really scream true love.

There's multiple love seats and hidden corners "where Richie can have a little one-on-one time with the ladies, if you know what I mean."


Yes dad, we know. *Wink, wink, hanky panky, etc.*

Video via The Bachelor

And what makes this particular Bachelor mansion so special, according to Osher, is the crazy size of the backyard.

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“Unlike the previous Bachelor mansions, in this Bachelor mansion, the backward is big enough to land a helicopter," he said.

And the pool, also known as a wait-for-a-date spot, is another show favourite area, with Gunsberg pointing out that it's where he often bestows the ladies with their date cards.

the bachelor mansion

Inside the Bachelor mansion's cabana room. Source: Channel 10

Slighty off from the garden, is the highly coveted cocktail evening hotspot, the cabana.

Basically a glorified version of the cool girls hangout spot from high school, the cabana is "a fantastic thing to have on our set," Gunsberg says, explaining, "during a cocktail party ladies will come up here, hang out, have a chat with each other. But as you can see, from in here, you can see everything that's going on out there. I promise the commentary you get about whats going on outside in here is wonderful."

If it's any better than what goes to air, we'd really like some 24 camera access, please.

the bachelor mansion

Inside the Bachelor mansion's rose room. Source: Channel 10

Finally is the rose room. Which was built especially for the series. And according to Gunsberg, this particular rose room is better than those of rose rooms past, all because of one small design change.

"It's a little smaller than our previous rose room, which is kind of nice, so the ladies don't have so far to walk, because it's a long way," Gunsberg says laughing.

The one rule of the house? "No one knocks," Gunsberg says.

Behold. The rose room... 

Video via The Bachelor

Watch the full tour here