BACH FLUFF: The real reason The Bachelor's Laura doesn't like seeing other women kiss Matty.

The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne has been a frontrunner for Matty J’s heart since, well, before the season even aired – if you were checking in with her odds on various betting platforms.

And with just two episodes to go until the finale and big reveal, she has told News Corp watching the episodes back hasn’t been so easy, particularly when it comes to watching the other girls kiss Matty.

And no, it has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with…hygiene.

“There were some people in the house who had cold sores and I was like, ‘oh, dude. nup. I’m not OK with this!” she told

Just prior to the home town dates, Byrne shared a message with her fans and followers, detailing how much she has enjoyed the “ride”.

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“What an absolute rollercoaster it’s been up until this point! From the moment I got out of the limo feeling so nervous and yabbering on about cob loaf to getting to know Matty and thinking he’s a bit of alright… it’s all been absolutely wild I tell ya.

“It’s pretty special to still be here in Home Towns now and to be able to share with Matty my life and what’s real and important to me.”

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