Lana Jeavons-Fellows chops off her hair after an unfortunate club incident.

There are a few guarantees about a big night out. Paying $17+ on a cocktail that is 99.7 per cent ice. Getting your exposed toe stepped on by someone in stilettos. Returning home with some Fifty Cent song ringing in your ear.

What former The Bachelor contestant Lana Jeavons-Fellows wasn’t expecting after a night out in Sydney on the weekend was to lose part of her glorious Disney-princess-esque hair.

Her night was interrupted after a too-close encounter with some burning candles set her hair on fire.

Detailing the scary experience alongside what appears to be a portfolio model shot of Jeavons-Fellows sporting a faux tucked-in bob (no, it’s not her new ‘do), she had a safety warning for all.

“I’m thankful it was only my hair that caught fire, it could have been much worse! Ladies please take care around candles in crowded places,” she wrote.

Fortunately, the hot pick to be the next Bachelorette escaped short of having to go for a dramatic cut, a la Taylor Swift, as she originally feared.(Post continues after gallery.)


“My hairdressers managed to cut around the burned parts so it’s not too noticeable,” she said.

Not a nice situation to be in, not to mention the horrendous smell that is burning hair.

To make matters worse, the candle encounter meant it was actually Jeavons-Fellows’ second visit to the hairdressers in a matter of days.


(Watch: Our favourite short hair inspiration. Post continues after video.)

Just two days before, she’d posted the obligatory post-hairdressers selfie showing off her new cut. “Just got my hair cut finally! And it styles so much better… Now, off to my#girlsnight,” she wrote.

While she hasn’t shared a full snap of the new cut just yet, we can only hope there’s still enough for some commercial -worthy hair flicks and beach contemplating should Jeavons-Fellows end up our next Bachelorette.

Have you ever had a similar hair disaster?

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