Keira tells Rove and Sam her life was made difficult by two other girls in the Bachelor mansion.

Having been evicted from The Bachelor while mid-date with Richie Strahan last night, viewer favourite Keira Maguire has opened up about what life was really like in Bachie HQ, and who were the hardest women to live with on 2Day FM’s Rove & Sam show.

“Although I do really like everyone today, the situation and circumstances are different,” Maguire began, saying that she didn’t want to name names.

But, as though speaking on behalf of the entire viewing nation, Rove responded, “you take that publicity gag off and you speak your mind.”

Hear, hear Rove. Hear, hear.

the bachelor keira

Throw the shade, Keira. Let it rain down upon House Bachie. Source: Channel 10 / The Bachelor.

"In the house, Rachael and Kiki were, I dunno," Maguire began. "I found it really hard to live with them. They weren't very nice to me."


Drawing on the mentality of the house, Rove asked why it was that the women seemed to turn on one another during times of stress rather than Strahan himself.

"There never sort of seemed to be any anger toward Richie," the radio host said, pointing out the Bachelorettes would often face the reality that "there was another kiss, there was another kiss, yeah there was another kiss."

McManus finally asked the Sydneysider, "It was made out that you guys would get mad at each other but no one would get mad at him. What were your feelings about all those situations?"

the bachelor keira

It must have been love, but it's over now. Source: Channel 10 / The Bachelor


"I feel like that's just the way we dealt with it," Maguire explained. "We didn't get to see him much so he kind of missed out on all of that," she said with a laugh adding, "I thought last night, I've never seen him speak so much!"

But having faced weeks of backlash on social media and reports that she was raised in a cult, former Bachelor and Bachelorette participant Sam Frost asked 32-year-old Maguire seriously about how she was managing it all.

Richie announced Keira's departure to the remaining Bachelorettes last night. Post continues... 

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"Obviously in the media they've spoken about your cult upbringing, and I use the word upbringing in inverted commas because you weren't actually brought up in that environment yet they continue to spin this story, and you've also had a bit of negativity on the social channels, I think. How are you coping honestly?," she asked.

Ever the ray of peasant hating sunshine, Magure replied, "Initially I was a little bit overwhelmed. It was very confronting for me but I just kind of, I dunno. I've come to terms with how this industry is, and I'm quite resilient, so I'm fine and I'm really happy. I feel like there's nothing you can do or say about me now that will actually upset me."

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