Bachelor contestant Sasha shares the true story about 'villain' Keira.

Having been ‘rested‘ from the publicity trail earlier this week, fellow contestants from The Bachelor have come rushing to the defence of this season’s ‘villain’ Keira Maguire.

Speaking to The Herald Sun on Saturday, 32-year-old Sasha Zhuravlyova explained, “The public can see 10 per cent of Keira,” adding, “and obviously it looks on the \ like that is a massive drama, but sometimes it was probably just one or two comments.”

Drink every time Keira shares some real talk. Source: Channel 10.

Competing for the affections of Australia's premier rope access technician, Richie Stachan, 29-year-old Keira quickly stood out as the "trouble maker" of season four, winning herself a legion of fans and haters in the fortnight that has followed since the show went to air.


And last week, the Sydneysider was officially removed from the publicity trail by Channel 10 and forced to step away from social media due to the level of backlash she was receiving.

Keira works hard for the one on one time with Richie. Post continues... 

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But as Sasha pointed out, “what makes a great TV is a bit of drama." Meaning there's probably a lot more editing of Keira's behaviour going on than we're seeing.

“I am good friends with her. She is a great person and I know a different side of her from what the public can see."

the bachelor 1950s photoshoot

Keira with Sasha as part of their Woman's Day Bachelor shoot. Source: Woman's Day.

Also making her mark on social media, Sasha rose to fame (pardon the pun) in episode one, being known as the girl who ate her rose during the first Rose Ceremony.

Explaining the hilarious and truly exceptional television moment, Sasha said “I had no idea I nibbled on a rose until later on. Basically the first night was the longest night of my life. We were all tired and the filming had been happening a long time.

"After I received the rose I realised it tasted a little bit like sugar and I am like, `Oh my god, it is so yummy," Sasha continued.

”I had to wait for another hour or two for all the other girls to get their roses and I was like, `I am going to nibble on this.’ I did not know it was going to make such an impression.’’

You do you, Sasha.

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