What happened when Mia Freedman asked Keira Maguire about her family.

Every reality TV show needs a villain.

Season two of The Bachelor had Laurina ‘Dirty Street Pie’ Fleure. This season, we were blessed with Keira.

Outspoken, opinionated and not afraid to make waves, we all became obsessed. Since appearing on the show, Keira Maguire has gained a cult following of respect and affection.

She went in, took a look at her surroundings, and called it bluntly – “I don’t like it.”

But there was more. And in this interview with Mia Freedman for her podcast No Filter, it became clear that for Keira, having her “unusual” past brought to light was the toughest part of her Bachelor “journey”.

Listen to her telling Mia about her childhood, here (Post continues after embed):

A few weeks after the first episode aired, Keira found her story splashed across headlines, but it wasn’t for her outspoken behaviour on The Bachelor.

It was then we learned that Keira grew up in a polygamous cult.

She was born into a “family” that included 63 siblings, a father who was a convicted paedophile, and his nine wives. In the early years, Keira didn’t even know who her mother was. She didn’t have birthdays. It was not a normal upbringing.

Keira says she chose not to tell anyone about her upbringing because it just isn’t relevant to who she is as a person. Yes, it was difficult, but she didn’t let it define her.

She echoed the way all of us feel – “I just didn’t like being different.”

Keira and Richie: "I barely know the guy," she told Mia. Image via Instagram

When the conversation turned to her unconventional communal living situation, Keira burst into uncontrollable tears.

It is clearly an issue that is still close to the surface, and despite her tough facade, Keira showed a vulnerable side.

Although the conversation didn't go exactly as planned, Keira composed herself and continued the interview as her feisty, sassy self.

"Everyone has a story. A lot of people have far worse stories," she said.

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