Our favourite TV show, The Bachelor, has been caught in a big, dramatic lie.

It seems The Bachelor has some explaining to do…

Everyone’s favourite TV show of the moment has been caught in a lie. It seems the featured occupations of our bachelorettes have been fabricated to make them seem smarter.

The first shocking revelation came just days ago when Mumbrella reported a fellow auditionee for the show had revealed Jess, the favourite to win, was an actress, not an accountant as her profile on The Bachelor suggests.

Jess from The Bachelor

Dr Mumbo wrote in a blog, "Viewers are told contestant Jessica – one of the favourites to win – is an accounting student. According to the auditionee, Jessica is actually an actress by vocation."

To this claim, Channel Ten replied, "Jessica completed an acting course while in the US in 2010. She is now an Accounting Student. She took a break for The Bachelor and will resume studies at the start of next semester. She is currently working as a Business Development Manager for a post-surgical nursing firm."

After this revelation, we did some digging and found a high number of contestants are actually actors, a fact that isn't mentioned in their job descriptions for the show.

Viewers are told Amber is a Gas and Oil Consultant and Mary is an Executive Assistant, when they're both actresses, according to our source. In fact, the only contestant on the show who is open about her acting career is Lauren B, one of the 'intruders'.

From left: Amber, Lauren B and Mary from The Bachelor.

So why lie?

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