BACH FLUFF: Former Bachelor star Keira says she knows the fate of this season's Jen. We care too much.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by The Bachelor’s Jen? Thought so.

This years’ villain has been rubbing Australia the wrong way with her unbearable behaviour since she forced Matty J to dip her, and last night’s horrific two-on-one scrag fight date was no exception.

One person particularly disturbed by the ‘marketing manager’s’ performance was last years’ token sh*t stirrer, Keira Maguire.

"This feels so wrong & degrading..." (Image: Instagram)

Providing a running commentary to Wednesday night's episode, the 30-year-old retired Bachie villain took the opportunity to, as always, articulate exactly what we all were thinking in the bluntest way possible.

"Poor b*tches, set up for failure," she remarked while watching the degrading train wreck that was the infamous two on one date between Jen and her putrid dress rival, Liz.

But when Jen took it upon herself to explain to the group just how much Matty loves her, Keira was pushed over the edge, forcing her to drop a major piece of gossip that we care far too much about.

Wait... WHAT? (Image: Instagram)

"No he doesn't," Keira scoffed as Jen point blank told the camera that Matty likes her more than anyone else in the mansion.

"He just had to choose between two people... I know that you don't win."

And then, like a true master sh*it stirrer, she left us hanging as to just how she knows this to be true.

While we can neither confirm nor deny her lofty claim, we're siding with Keira on this one.

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Who do you think will win Matty's heart on this years' The Bachelor?