Richie becomes the most hated man in Australia as fans accuse him of making the wrong decision.

Look, I think it’s fair to say many fans of The Bachelor really thought WA finalist Nikki Gogan had the winning of Richie Strahan’s heart in the bag.

But, as we all soon discovered, she didn’t — and Melbourne mum-of-one Alex Nation did.

See, look. They're really happy. Source: Channel 10.

And while that's still really great because she's perfectly lovely and Richie seems happy, deeply in love and willing to bestow a disgusting ring on someone, the Internet has not taken the news of Nikki's loss well.


In fact, there's basically an all-out revolt being waged against Richie online right now.

Within moments of the episode ending former Bachelorette Sam Frost shared her sympathies, writing, "I actually can't even deal. Poor Nikki," on Facebook.

On The Bachelor's Facebook page, one fan of the show wrote, "Nikki was robbed!"

Another commented, "It's okay Nikki, the whole of Australia fell in love with you!"

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Over on Twitter things were - as is usually the way on Twitter - a little blunter.

"Nikki is literally an angel from above and he does not deserve her," one user commented.

"Not cool bananas. Not cool at all. I am horrified by how uncool those bananas are. Someone pass the wine. I'm not coping," another wrote.

"I did not anticipate how I was gonna feel if Alex won. And it's not good. It's a very dark, burning feeling of rage" another added.

"OMG!!! My poor Nikki. She was such a sweetie!!," radio host Jackie O captioned an Instagram image of herself with Nikki.

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Guy Sebastian also shared his (amusing) thoughts on the outcome:

Unfortunately, it hasn't taken long for people's disappointment over Nikki's loss to turn nasty and frankly way too personal.

Some are suggesting Richie has made the wrong decision, others are predicting a short-lived romance between the two, and others seem to feel that Alex's young son, who she has kept out of the public eye throughout the entire experience, was fair game to be attacked and mocked.

the bachelor's nikki

The Bachelor's Nikki on her way home. Source: Channel 10. 

No one's denying Nikki's tears weren't one of the saddest things we've ever watched on Australian reality TV, but I hardly think she'd want people attacking Richie's choice or Alex's personality in her honour. 

Turn down, internet. Turn down.

But in the meantime, listen to all our Bachie feels on our Bachelor podcast, Bach Chat.