The Bachelor's Faith Williams shares her eyebrow tattoo transformation.

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The Bachelor‘s Faith Williams on how she fixed her eyebrows.

If you don’t have full and bushy brows, there’s probably been at least several times you’ve raised your fist at the sky and cursed Cara Delevingne in the last few years.

But if it doesn’t come naturally a) you’re not alone and b) don’t worry. Fresh from a girls’ Bali trip, former Bachelor contestant Faith Williams has shared how she transformed her brows to ‘On Fleek’ status.

The 26 year old opted for the increasingly popular option of feather touch tattoos, a procedure that involves tattooing brows on that look incredibly natural.

“So I decided to get my eyebrows feather touched today as they basically didn’t grow from half way along and I am sooo happy with them,” she captioned the photo.

“Thank you so much I absolutely love them. I would definitely recommend her if you are thinking of getting them done #feathertattoo#eyebrows#lovethem#browsonfleek”

Unlike brow tattoos of the past, feather tattoos look incredibly real and natural as they mimic real brow hair. Each strand is individually etched using a metal hand tool with fine needles.

A hypo-allergenic pigment is then implanted into the skin and lasts up to two years.


Anaesthetic is applied throughout the procedure to minimise pain.

If the mention of ‘pain’ has you alarmed, Williams had some reassuring words in response to a concerned reader who had experienced discomfort.

“It wasn’t that painful at all!! I consider myself a bit of a sook too. Maybe you weren’t numbed enough? I had numbing cream on them but you can still feel it a little bit. I think the sensation of her scratching the lines is more weird. On a scale of one to 10 pain I would say it’s a five or six. It’s more uncomfortable than anything. Totally worth it though! You should def do it! Just do your research. I love them.”

Flashback to the episode of Bach Chat where Amy Cooper fears for the safety of Faith, the love of her life. 

Depending on the colour requested, most look normal and natural within two to five days, although the eyebrow and surrounding area must be kept dry for around a week after the treatment.

Be warned, it’s not cheap though – prices start at around the $995 mark, with touch ups sitting at about $250 a pop.

It’s an option significantly growing in popularity and looking at the results, it’s pretty clear why.

Image: Instagram/@faithwilliams.