Talk about uncomfortable viewing: The Bachelor scene that's been called 'soft core porn'.

Geez, anyone would think the nation had never seen two people in lust cosy up in a bath of melted chocolate before.

Wait, what? We haven’t? Okay, well that explains all the Twitter outrage then.

Sharing their shock throughout Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor, countless viewers admitted to feeling a little bit too fly-on-the-wall during Alex and Richie’s single date, comparing the couple’s time spent playing around in 300 litres of melted chocolate to porn and questioning its suitability for a prime-time timeslot.

Source: The Bachelor. 


"Ok officially no longer suitable for children under the age of 18," one viewer tweeted, with another commenting, "I feel like I'm watching an intro to a weird porno."

"I feel like this bath situation is soft core porn" another viewer admitted.

Which leads us to a question we asked on Mamamia Out Loud this week....

And for some, it was all too much.

"That's it - I had to change the channel," another tweeted.

The romantic vat of poo bath came following a day spent with a master chocolatier, where the duo created their own chocolate bars for one another. Because like chocolate, love is sweet, etc., etc.

But while some saw fetish porn in the making, others simply pondered the health and wellbeing of the couple.

"Cry girl is going to get a yeast infection having a chocolate bath," one user tweeted, with another chiming in, "In a chocolate bath, with 2 ppls deoderant, sweat & licking it off yourself. Any1 else feeling ill?"

Mostly though, people were just left feeling incredibly uncomfortable about the high level of sexual chemistry between Alex and Richie, with one viewer pointing out, "#TheBachelorAU could potentially turn into How I Met Your Mother IRL for an actual human in the future."

One thing is for sure though - the chocolate diarrhoea sex bath will not be forgotten any time soon.

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