Faith reveals the odd item in the Bachelor mansion that costs "$500". And it's not the dresses.

We knew the budget for this season of The Bachelor had gotten a step up from last year, but $500 drinking glasses? That’s a whole other league of ~fancy~.

But according to Faith Williams, that’s how much the red-rimmed champagne flutes we often see the bachelorettes clinging to during cocktail parties cost.

the bachelor budget

Sippin' from the cup of fancy. Source: The Bachelor

Appearing on Thursday night's episode of The Project, the freshly-evicted bachelorette joked to the panel, "After I left I found out that they were actually $500 glasses. So if I'd known that maybe I would have put a few in my bag and sold them on eBay or something."

We were gobsmacked, but panellist Hamish McDonald had allegedly guessed the price tag before the show.

"I know my glassware," he told Faith and the panel, laughing.

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However, after doing some serious investigation (read: two minutes of Google searching) we've found the flutes in question.

And while Faith was close, $500 isn't exactly the correct figure.

the bachelor's faith

Faith revealed The Bachelor budget was doing just fine on The Project. Source: The Project

No, if you want to take yourself home some fancy af Waterford Crystal Clarendon ruby flutes, you'll need to shell out a cool $449 for a pair.

Our maths is basic, but if you wanted to allocate one flute ($224.50) to every girl that was ever in the house, you'd be set to spend over five grand. $5612.50, to be exact.

And that's what you call a budget upgrade.