The behind the scenes rule the Bachelor producers don't want you to know about.

“The Honeymoon” period of any relationship is a time when you just can’t get enough of your partner… intimately. And in every normal, healthy, budding romance, this kind of intimacy would go on behind closed doors and probably often.

But for the Bachelor Sam Wood he’s currently on five separate honeymoons with five different women. On national television.

An insider spoke out on the Dan and Maz show yesterday to talk about how Sam’s not really getting any of that honeymoon bliss behind closed doors, because he’s not allowed to.

Where are the producers? Image via TenPlay.

The show's producers are forbidding Sam from participating in any 'untoward behaviour' (boob-touching explicitly) while off-screen so they can save all of that pent-up sexiness for his on screen pashes.

All of the contestants have their own producer who is ready to jump in at any one time and stop the couple's from getting frisky, the insider said.

As in, if Sam takes one of the girls behind a closed door, you'll bet that a producer will run screaming and shouting in there to get them back out. Save it for the camera, Mr. Wood.

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The mole did suggest that this season, "There have been a few sneaky kisses off camera before a producer has managed to get to them." Very sneaky, you guys.

Producers have also had to hang around during overnight dates to make sure nothing too sexy was happening between the sheets. TALK ABOUT AWKWARD.


We also now know that The Bachelor has an ear piece in during the rose ceremonies so that a producer can remind him which girl's names to say in what order. Obviously so they can build TENSION.

He probably got tasered after this. Image via TenPlay.

Finally, something we've wanted cleared up for awhile. Sam did not pre-prepare any of the dates the girls are going on. Parasailing? Not even close. Romantic champagne and treasure hunt on the beach? Certainly not.

While the girls in the house keep crediting Sam for coming up with 'beautiful, so-totally-made-for-me moments', he's actually as unprepared as they are. #realdating

Now, with five girls left and home visits on the horizon, Snezana, 34, has also admitted she wasn't sure whether to introduce her daughter Eve, 10, to Sam.

Sam did not make even half of that scone. Image via TenPlay.

"It was actually quite scary because I didn't know exactly how Sam felt about me, so I didn't know whether I wanted to do that [bring him home]," she told OK! magazine. "It's a big deal to introduce somebody to my daughter."

We won't know how those visits go until next week but from the ads Channel 10 are running, things look pretty uncomfortable...

Who do you think will end up with Sam Wood?

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