Tara from The Bachelor has a famous mum who Gen Xers are sure to recognise.

The Bachelor‘s Tara has shared she’s not the only person in her family who has dabbled with television, telling Woman’s Day her mother is former Perfect Match host and Bond girl Debbie Newsome.

The 27-year-old told the magazine that having a mother at the helm of a major 80s dating show didn’t have too much of an impact on her childhood.

“Growing up I didn’t think she was different to any other mothers,” she said.

“Maybe a little bit more out there because she’s an entertainer – she’s loud, fun and super cool."

Tara, a nanny, added they are quite similar when it comes down to it.

“I’d say I have her personality, I’m very bubbly like her.”

The Sydney-based 27-year-old is yet to have a single date with Matty J, though she's had quite substantial airtime regardless.

That stellar dating DNA is really pulling some strings, hey?

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