Will he or won't he? Bachelor Blake answers the sex question.

Blake reveals his intentions

Bachelor Blake hasn’t wasted any time smooching some of the women competing for his heart in The Bachelor Australia, having kissed Jess on his first one-on-one date.

But Blake, 31, says that’s as far as it will go, until the show comes to a conclusion at least.

“A kiss is a big enough thing in this show, holding hands with someone is big. Sex and all that stuff, eventually with the right person at the end of it. We will explore that when it comes to it but it’s not a priority,” Blake told The Daily Telegraph.

When it comes to how many girls he kissed, Blake says, “I’m not keeping track. For me it’s not about how many I’ve pashed. I’m just in the moment in each date. That’s respectful. There’s nothing worse than kissing someone if you’re not feeling it, but if the moment is there, why not.”

For those that may have questioned his motives for being on the show, Blake says he really is just looking for love. “For me it’s real. We are just trying to feel our way through our emotions and to get to a place where this is someone I can be with for the rest of my life.”

But Blake won’t let all of the dating and dining ruin his incredibly toned body on his quest to happiness. “It’s important to stay healthy. It’s just regular exercise and consistency, there’s no real secret to staying in shape. If I wasn’t in shape, coming into this experience I would be dead right now.”

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