The Bachelor Australia: Interview with the final two.

This is it, you guys. We’re down to the final two. There two ladies have run the muscley Tim gauntlet and taken out 23 other women to make it to the finish line. The very first season of the Bachelor Australia is about to come to and end.

So who are we left with?

Rochelle, the 27-year-old model who got in trouble with Tim for not revealing her scandalous beauty pageant past.


Anna, the 26-year-old criminal lawyer who got in trouble with Tim for refusing to list all the reasons why she loves his muscles and shiny hair.

Both girls are head over heels and pretty much on par when it comes to make-out session numbers.

I was lucky enough to hang out with both ladies yesterday and I may or may not be privy to who has taken this thing out. But my lips are sealed! (Or Channel Ten would actually, literally kill me.)

So here are the bits from the interview that I can share with you before the winner is revealed on tonight’s show (The Bachelor Australia starts at 7:30pm on Channel Ten – and I hear The Bachelor himself will be live-tweeting, so you might want to check what he manages to come up with. Hopefully nothing to do with jus.)

See if you can pick the winner from these answers…

Rosie Waterland (RW): Why did you decide to do it?

Rochelle (R): Well, I had come out of a long-term relationship earlier this year and it was like, the hardest part of my life. I was in Sydney, on my own, we’d moved here together. He’s gone back to Perth. I’d moved house on my own, I was feeling a little depressed and lonely – actually the most in my entire life. Then someone recommended me – an agent – because they were like “the show wants someone from every career path and they don’t have any models, you need to go in there and apply.” I went in there thinking “well this is not going to happen… and a couple of days later I was approved and going in.” So I actually hadn’t even processed it and then I was like “What! I’m doing this.”

Tim and Rochelle.

Anna (A): I’m 26. And I’ve never had a serious boyfriend. Its not like I’ve never kissed a boy – I’ve just never dated people or found someone that I could call the one or call my boyfriend. So I heard about this through a friend and she kind of basically signed me up. And I thought why not? I can’t find a boyfriend in the so-called ‘real world’ so why not give this a try. You never know.

RW: What was it like in the house?

R: It was just similar to when I did (beauty) pageants, you know? Living wth that many women – I’d already taught myself how to do that. With women – you need to almost flirt with the girls, become close with them, ease into their lives. They respect that a lot. So they take a little bit of work, but if you give each one a bit of time, you’ll grow some amazing friendships out of it and it’ll be a lot easier.

A: Well, we’re on complete lockdown. Unless you’re on a date. So I think you just had to make the most of your time in the house and forget about Tim and just kind of focus on the girls and pass time. So we watched movies, I ran up and down the stairs like a hundred times to get fit… Like, really – there was absolutely nothing to do. You just had to find things to do. But we all got along. I tried to get along with all the girls because I knew getting along with the girls would help my time. And it made my time more enjoyable.


RW: Did you have favourites?

R: Definitely my favourites were Sherrie and Dani. I confided in Dani about everything and she was like my comfort blanket throughout the entire process. When Dani left, that’s when I began to really struggle because I felt like she held my hand through a lot of it.

A: I did but they kind of always changed depending on who left. Well, I was close to Joelene on the first night. She amused me so much. I love her! She was just so funny. And then when she left I was really good friends with Emily and Belle. But then they both left and I became really close to Ali, and she was basically my closest friend for the second half.

Tim and Anna.

RW: Least favourites?

R: Ali and I disagreed on a lot of things because she has a very different outlook on approaching men than I do obviously. We were polar opposites – often having to agree to disagree. It would come up quite often. But then I loved her so much because she brought so much light and positivity to the house. But yeah, when it came to men… We just did that differently.

A: Originally I didn’t get along as well with Dani, but towards the end when I spent more time with her and got to know her, I definitely came to understand her and knew where she was coming from. I actually got along with her quite well, but then she was never rude like, directly to me. But apart from that I really couldn’t criticize any of the girls. They all are really good girls in their own way.

RW: How do you feel about how you’ve been portrayed?

R: I think it maybe seemed like I was taking it too seriously sometimes. But that’s because I really was. I put my heart and soul into this show. Belle was always telling me “you’re incredibly dramatic and extravagant with your emotions and it will weird people out – people are going to think you’re fake,” and I was just like, I can’t help that. I can’t change my personality just to suit the Australian audience.


A: I do get surprised about what people say on social media… I think someone said that I sound like I’m in between a man and someone with throat cancer! So things like that, I find that quite funny, but then they get like, really mean. And ever since Ali left they’ve been saying that Rochelle and I aren’t deserving to be there and I’m like: no one is more deserving than anyone else. It’s just who’s compatible. That’s the whole show. And I just don’t think a lot of people get that.

RW: Who should be the Bachelorette in 2014?

R: Based off the girls on this show? Ali.

A: Well, I’d have to say Ali. But I’m not sure Australia is ready for a Bachelorette yet anyway. I’m not sure we’re ready to see 25 guys fighting over one girl! But then I went on this show and never thought I would, so… who knows!


And…. That’s all I’m giving you for now! The full version of this interview (ie the version with allll the juicy bits) will be available as soon as I’m allowed to share it with you without getting busted. And don’t forget to check back after the epic final show tonight for the very last recap! I can’t believe we’re at the end you guys…

 The Bachelor Australia airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.


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