The Bachelor's Faith tells how the Hamish toddler "date" told her Richie's true feelings.


With the tears of Wednesday night’s rose ceremony behind her, Faith Williams has finally spilled the beans on her time in The Bachelor mansion.

Appearing on Thursday night’s episode of The Project, the Queensland hairdresser said despite vying for the attentions of the same man, making friendships within the house was easy.

“You get caught up in the whole bubble and you only have the girls to talk to about everything so you just really get to know each other on a whole new level,” she told the panel, before admitting she had no plans to continue going on dates with multiple partners now she’s off the show.

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“I think I’ll leave the group dates for The Bachelor and just go back to dating one guy.”

When questions moved to her memorable single date with Richie and Hamish Blake’s toddler alter-ego, Rory, Williams said, “If all kids are like that I don’t even know if I want one!”

When the hosts pointed out how just much attention Richie paid to the comedian during the episode, she also admitted, “That date really made me realise I was in the friend zone with him [Richie].”


When two becomes three. Source: The Bachelor.

With Faith now off the show, Richie is now making home visits with his final four.

The winner of this season and the ultimate eternal rose will be announced next week.