Did The Bachelor dump this woman because she's a mum?

It’s a familiar story… eligible bachelor is squeaky-clean heart-throb. Except he isn’t.

He’s packaged as the ultimate catch, but the new Australian Bachelor, Blake Garvey, might not be the nice guy he appears to be – at least according to this woman.

In January Blake, 31, asked actress and designer Joanna Polland out on a date after coming across her page on Facebook, but quickly changed his mind and cut contact.

Joanna Pollard.

Joanna who is a mother to two little boys, took her annoyance to Facebook and wrote “All my girlfriends will know this is the guy [Blake Garvey] who asked me out and then cancelled at the last minute...probably when he found out I have kids. Needless to say we'll all be watching you work your magic on the ladies on telly...wish I could screen all potential dates this way LOL."

One night before their pending date, Blake rang Joanna to cancel explaining a “friend from out of town needed a shoulder to cry on”.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it looks like Blake was also still tied up in another relationship during the time he approached Joanna.

His girlfriend at the time Amy Campbell Burson, told The Daily Mail “I didn’t think Blake could hurt me any more than he has but there he goes and does it again. He’s pathetic.”

Ready for one more revelation? Blake, revealed on The Bachelor Australia's first episode that he was in “real-estate and looking to open up his own business”. However, Blake  has been working as a topless waiter and stripper.

Blake during his days as a stripper.

Blake told the Herald Sun “A high school friend had someone pull out at the last minute for her hens’ night and needed a fill in. She begged me.”

It's not looking like a good start for Blake in his journey to true love...

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