What really goes on at the humiliating The Bachelor auditions.

From someone who’s been there.

If you’ve been craving your weekly dose of #dirtystreetpie, fear no more. Because auditions for the next season of The Bachelor are well underway.

And an exclusive by TheFIX reveals that the audition process for the show is just as demeaning as the show itself.

Surprise surprise.

Blake the fake with his girlfriend and second runner up on the show, Louise.

For the upcoming third season of Channel 10’s hit show, one woman who attended the auditions has spoken about what she went through and was asked to do in an attempt to get onto the show.

It isn't pretty.

"They made us do the most ridiculous things. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” the un-named audition goer said.

Scorned bachelorette Sam with her engagement ring (now sold) from Blake.

"They asked us to line ourselves up in order of who we thought was best looking to worst. Then asked us some odd questions about our views on politics and the like. Then they asked us to line ourselves up from most intelligent to least intelligent. In the end, I just quit because I didn't want to do any of it,” she continued.

Thought that was bad enough? Hold onto your floor-length sequin gowns ladies. It gets much worse.

Season one's joint-at-the-hip love birds, Tim and Anna.

The girls were then told their “rose-grabbing reflexes” had to be tested.

"The worst was roses being thrown on the ground and we had to scramble to see who could get to them first. Basically clawing each other out of the way to get to the rose. Some of the girls were going really hard. It was scary,” she explained.

Wow. Talk about embarrassing. It’s too bad this is the whole premise of the entire show.

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